Private Ephesus Tour from Kusadasi Cruise Port

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If you want to make a private trip to the Ephesus Ancient City, this private Ephesus Tour can be the best option for you. Please feel free to contact us.

Ancient Ephesus Tour

Our professional tour guide will come to pick you up from the Kusadasi Cruise Port. So, your Ephesus shore excursion will be started. Ephesus is approximately 30 minutes far away from the Kusadasi Cruise Port. When you arrive in Ephesus Ancient City, your Ephesus tour will start.

You will stroll along the Arcadian Way, where once Mark Antony and Cleopatra rode in parade. Our tour guide will tell you the stories of Alexander the Great, the Virgin Mary, and numerous different well-known guests who strolled a similar marble roads that you are strolling. As you leave the Ephesus site, you will have the capacity to see the ridge remains of the Basilica of St. John out there, which was raised over his grave in the sixth century A.D. by Emperor Justinian.

Coming back to the town of Kusadasi, visitors will have the alternative to end their visit in the shopping region where they can go to a Turkish carpet clarification and shopping, investigate the shops loaded with adornments, floor coverings, cowhide product, and copper merchandise, or both. Turkish business people anticipate that you will deal and frequently you can get 10-15% off the recorded cost. Regard it as an enterprise. The voyage dock is a 5-10 minute stroll from the principle shopping range.

Travelers not wishing to go to the discretionary carpet shopping ought to prompt their guide and they will be taken specifically back to the dock.


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